Cain & Abel 4.9.36 released

Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft operating systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using dictionary and brute force attacks, decoding scrambled passwords, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols.

Changes in this version:

  • Added MP3 audio file generation in VoIP sniffer.
  • Fixed Abel DLL crashes on 64-bit operating systems.
  • Modified Export function to Users, Groups, Services and Shares lists with TAB separators.
  • Fixed a bug in Wireless Password Decoder concerning Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter.
  • Fixed a bug in NTLMv2 Cracker within the “Test Password” function.
  • Removed “WindowsFirewallInitialize failed” startup error message if Windows Firewall service is stopped.

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