Free anti-spam software from Cloudmark

Released as a free download, Cloudmark DesktopOne is a lightweight application that continuously filters e-mail to eliminate spam and protect users against phishing and e-mail-borne viruses. Users are able to block, unblock and scan messages easily to determine their own level of protection and message delivery.

Key features include:

Always-on e-mail filtering – The solution continuously filters messages to stop even the most sophisticated spam, phishing, and e-mail-borne virus attacks. Users receive constant protection, even when their e-mail client or webmail isn’t open on their desktop or when they are logging into their accounts remotely.

Fast, easy installation supporting multiple e-mail cients – Cloudmark DesktopOne installs in seconds and detects existing e-mail accounts on the computer automatically so that filtering can begin right away.

Accurate, real-time protection against new threats – The solution adapts to messaging threats and automatically provides protection within moments of their emergence.

Fine-grained control – Cloudmark DesktopOne’s toolbar integrates seamlessly with supported e-mail applications to enable users to quickly and easily block and unblock messages.

Cloudmark DesktopOne in basic mode is free for individual users to filter one e-mail account into a single spam folder. Users, businesses and households who would like to manage multiple e-mail accounts and folders can upgrade to Cloudmark DesktopOne in pro mode for $19.95 per year.

Cloudmark DesktopOne supports both 32-and 64-bit for Windows Vista and Windows 7, as well as Windows XP and 2000. Supported e-mail clients include Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Mail.

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