WatchGuard gets virtual on security

WatchGuard released a virtualized version of their Quarantine Management Server. Used in conjunction with WatchGuard XCS content security appliances, the WatchGuard QMS Virtual Edition is an automated, intelligent and easy to use e-mail quarantine solution that allows electronic messages that contain spam, phishing attempts, viruses, malware or other messages to be directed and stored on a dedicated virtual quarantine appliance.

By having a secure holding area for suspect messages, administrators gain greater management and control over corporate e-mail, as well as an additional defense-in-depth layer of protection against e-mail vectored threats.

Capable of supporting both single and multiple domains for both internal and hosted deployment models, the WatchGuard QMS Virtual Edition is an ideal solution for mid-sized organizations, enterprises and service providers. Built for scalability, it supports e-mail quarantine requirements for organizations with up to 180,000 users or 20 million messages.

By offloading spam quarantine resources to a separate system, the WatchGuard QMS Virtual Edition reduces load and storage requirements on their WatchGuard XCS content security or other e-mail security gateways, which results in stronger throughput, reduced administration and streamlined reporting. With it, organizations can ensure that end users do not lose legitimate messages, while keeping storage, processing and bandwidth requirements to a minimum.

With the WatchGuard QMS Virtual Edition, individuals can review, delete and manage spam while keeping such undesirable messages out of the network. This further increases network security and allows for employees to better manage their individual messages.

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