24% of clicks generated by a Facebook scam came from mobile platforms

Malware that targets social networks such as Facebook is platform-independent and is as widely spread as malware that targets PCs, warned BitDefender.

According to Google statistics, one of the URLs used for the propagation of a recent massive Facebook scam – promising to show users a girl’s Facebook status which got her expelled from school – generated 28,672 clicks, 24% of which originated from mobile platforms.

Users who clicked on the link – whether on their PC or mobile device – downloaded a Facebook worm and fell victim to an adword-based money grabbing scheme.

“When data security researchers focus on finding malware specifically designed for mobile platforms, they lose sight of an important mobile platform threat source – the social network,” said George Petre, BitDefender Threat Intelligence Team Leader.

“Statistics indicate that malware targeting social networks may be the biggest current threat for mobile devices, and BitDefender can help users stay safe against these types of threats.”

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