Fake Facebook Security page sending out phishing messages

Phishers have rolled out a new tactic to target Facebook users – they are misusing the name of legitimate Facebook Security page and sending out warnings about an imminent deactivation of the users’ account because of suspicious activity detected on it:

Following the offered link takes the potential victims to a page where they are asked to enter the login credentials in order to “reactivate” their account, and then the login credentials to webmail account tied to the Facebook account and their date of birth.

Setting aside the grammatical errors these pages are rife with, these requests are a definite indication that this is a scam. Also, the account from which the warning is sent is called Fåceb?¶ok Â?ecurity, and that must surely raise some suspicions.

But the phishers clearly have faith in this approach, because Trend Micro researchers’ investigation in the matter revealed there are a number of profiles registered under the same variation (same diacritic marks) of the Facebook Security name.

Users who have fallen for this scam are advised to reset the passwords on their Facebook and webmail accounts and to refrain from following links in unsolicited messages in the future.

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