Russian hacker steals $10 million

A 27-year old Russian hacker pleaded guilty to stealing $10 million from a former Royal Bank of Scotland division back in 2008, and he’s awaiting a verdict and sentencing at the end of this or at the beginning of the next week.

The trial is held in Novosibirsk in Siberia, and the man – one Yevgeny Anikin – has admitted that he was part of the international hacking ring that executed the cyber heist.

According to Reuters, they hacked into the accounts of the bank’s customers, raised the limit that regulated the maximum withdrawal of funds that could be executed in one day and organized a simultaneous withdrawal of the funds from ATMs located in Europe, the US and Asia.

Anikin is not the first member of that hacking ring to be caught and sentenced. Late last year, another one received a prison sentence of six years from a court in St. Petersburg.

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