Data Breach and Encryption Handbook

Cybersecurity risks pose some of the most serious economic and national security challenges of the 21st century.

A new book, Data Breach and Encryption Handbook, published by the American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law, takes an in-depth look at the problem of escalating data breaches and its legal ramifications.

Informative and practical, the book was written to help attorneys, global executives, technology professionals and policy-makers understand the complexities and root causes of data breaches, as well as to demystify encryption and provide practical solutions to prevent data breaches.

Data Breach and Encryption Handbook includes 19 chapters, examining the current crisis in information security; the aftermath of data breaches; potential liability and damages; the law and its implications; encryption technology; and recognized methods of resolving a breach.

The book also examines a number of the major data breach incidents from a variety of legal and technology perspectives, and provides instructive graphics to illustrate the methodologies hackers use to cause these breaches.

Moreover, it provides a comprehensive analysis of relevant laws, including state and international data breach laws as well as HITECH, the new federal breach law for health information.

The 15 authors who created this book are among the leading legal, technology and encryption experts, and they have worked together to address the emerging areas of law, information management and information security.

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