Network protection against unknown zero-day malware

ValidEdge announced its new Network Malware Security (NMS) system – a combined hardware and software solution that continuously monitors critical networks for any suspect code intrusion. Once suspicious code is detected the system performs an instant analysis and issues alerts for IT to fix security vulnerabilities and repair infected systems.

The system is designed from the ground up to deal with new and single-target malware-based attacks which go undetected by firewalls or endpoint security products. Security professionals can install the NMS in sensitive VLANs to make sure all traffic in that network is always monitored for malware, including single-target attacks and any zero-day malware.

The NMS system is designed to handle unknown zero-day malware or a single-target malware attack on critical assets. It includes sensor agents, system manager with black and white list scanners, and an analyzer.

The NMS agents passively monitor span ports of core switches or critical network segments and re-assemble packets that contain potentially suspect code. They forward the files automatically to the NMS Analyzer appliance.

The NMS Analyzer can take any piece of unknown binary executable code and provide valuable information about it instantaneously. The appliance provides real-time intelligence in the form of critical knowledge to the IT organization without requiring any signatures or updates from the vendor. The NMS Analyzer can tell the IT administrator whether an unknown file in the network is malware or not. It will further describe how the malware attacks systems and expose any logic bombs that may be hidden in the code waiting for an eventual trigger.

Once threats are identified, the NMS can alert IT personnel of malware threats, generate a detailed report about the malware, and create a repair kit to remove the infection.

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