Metasploit Pro 3.6 released

Metasploit brings an enhanced command-line feature set for increased proficiency and detailed PCI reports with pass/fail information for a view of compliance posture with PCI regulations. Metasploit Express and the free, open source Metasploit Framework also saw several improvements with this release.

Rapid7 has added the following features:

Metasploit Pro Console – Only available in Metasploit Pro, this console is for penetration testers who have become highly accustomed to the easy-to-use command-line interface of the Metasploit Framework, but also require the powerful automation capabilities of Metasploit Pro. With the addition of advanced network discovery, automated exploitation, evidence collection, smart brute forcing, and reporting capabilities to the existing features of the Metasploit Console, the results are immediately visible through the standard Web interface, allowing collaboration between team members using a mix of GUI and Console interfaces.

PCI Reporting – A feature only available in Metasploit Pro, which generates reports for PCI DSS compliance with pass/fail information for applicable PCI DSS requirements. The PCI standard requires both vulnerability management (11.2) and penetration tests (11.3); therefore, to facilitate compliance with requirement 11.3, Metasploit Pro now includes a detailed, actionable report on an organization’s security posture regarding requirements two, six and eight, which include password and secure systems maintenance.

Project Activity Report – A feature found in Metasploit Pro and Metasploit Express, organizations can now create a PDF report on the exact tests they run at the technical level. This enables clients of a penetration testing firm to retrace the steps that led to a successful assignment.

Asset Tagging – An advanced feature of Metasploit Pro that allows users to freely assign tags to assets based on multiple criteria such as compliance, operation workflow and team collaboration on different operational units. Tags may be used to classify assets and document security findings, with direct integration into the reporting engine. This facilitates improved project management and reporting, in particular for large penetration testing engagements.

Global Search – Found in Metasploit Pro and Metasploit Express, global search benefits users working on teams across various projects, with the ability to now search for tags, host names, IP addresses and annotations across projects and team members. This advanced search makes it easier to find information from previous projects or from other team members.

Post-Exploitation Modules – This feature, found in all Metasploit editions, includes more than a dozen modules that can be run on exploited systems to perform actions such as gathering additional information, pivoting to other networks and elevating system privileges. New post-exploitation modules can be quickly added by Rapid7 as part of the weekly product update. In addition, Metasploit Pro and Metasploit Express provide the ability to run post-exploitation modules on multiple systems simultaneously.

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