VPN client suite for Mac OS X

NCP engineering released its centrally managed IPsec VPN client for Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel) and 10.6.

Mobile employees using Mac OS X are now able to access the company network remotely – no matter where they are: one click is sufficient

The NCP Secure Enterprise Management System monitors and controls the fully automatic remote access VPN.


  • NCP’s Secure Enterprise Mac client can be managed centrally.
  • The central remote access management also controls the integrated, dynamic personal firewall.
  • “Friendly Net Detection”, which provides automatic recognition of friendly and unfriendly, i.e. insecure, networks, activates the firewall rules needed.
  • The innovative NCP VPN Path Finder Technology allows for a secure data connection even in situations where no IPsec VPN connection was possible beforehand – behind firewalls, whose port settings generally denied IPsec communication (e.g. in hotels or at other public hotspots).
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