WhisperCore: Device and data protection for Android

WhisperCore is a secure Android platform dedicated to providing the security and management features necessary for transforming a consumer phone into an enterprise-class device.

WhisperCore provides device-level encryption for your phone, protecting all of your data.

By default, WhisperCore encrypts your entire data partition at the device level, and can optionally be enabled for your phone’s SD card as well.

WhisperCore 0.2, released today, extends support to the Nexus One. Changes:

  • WhisperYAFFS was developed for filesystem-level encryption on NAND flash devices like the Nexus One.
  • Addressed some contact syncing issues present in 0.1.
  • Fixed a problem where the SD card would not mount via USB in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem with 3G connectivity that appeared in some cases.

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