Arkeia Network Backup 9.0 released

Arkeia Software released Network Backup 9.0 with Progressive Deduplication technology, two-phase backups for shorter backup windows, agent-side AES-256 encryption for maximum security, and enhancements to the Web user interface.

Arkeia’s progressive deduplication is based on advanced algorithms that constitute an advance beyond fixed-block and variable-block deduplication. It accelerates backups, shortens backup windows, and reduces the volume of stored data.

Progressive deduplication works in tandem with Arkeia’s backup agents for vStorage and Hyper-V, and for snapshots of Citrix Xen. Virtual environments have natural data redundancy because each virtual machine maintains it own copy of an operating systems and applications.

By eliminating this redundancy among virtual disk images (VMDKs), backups of virtual environments are faster and the resulting backup sets are more highly compressed. By accommodating the natural reorganization of file system blocks within a VMDK image, Arkeia enjoys compression ratios on VMDKs that are 40% better than variable-block deduplication.

Progressive deduplication can be performed at the source (the computer to backed up) or at the target (any Arkeia media server). Source deduplication is recommended because it accelerates backups by reducing the volume of data sent over the network during each backup operation.

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