Secure access to cloud services from iPad and Android devices

AEP Networks has bridged the gap between consumer tablet devices and sensitive corporate data by delivering a secure solution that allows users to connect to cloud services and run corporate applications securely from their iPad and Android devices.

With tablet sales set to overtake desktops by 2015, AEP Networks is responding to the demand for information everywhere by bringing to market the most secure access to corporate applications via tablet devices.

AEP Networks’ Secure Application Access Mobile software provides businesses with the freedom to allow their employees to use their own iPad or Android device to securely access Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook via a WiFi or 3G connection.

Importantly there is no data at rest on the device as the data is held securely in the cloud or in the company’s secure data centre. This means that if an iPad or Android device is lost or stolen the data is not compromised which increases both the security and compliance of the overall system.

Before being allowed to access corporate applications, each device is verified to check that it is using AEP Networks’ secure client. This, along with two-factor authentication, ensures that the device is authorized to connect securely to the network. Once connected, users will only be able to access authorized applications based on their organisation’s corporate security policy.

Key features of AEP’s Secure Application Access Mobile are:

  • Universal access: Users can securely run their Windows applications such as Microsoft Outlook directly on their tablet devices
  • Policy based application access: Users can only access applications allowed by the organisation’s corporate security policy
  • No data at rest: data remains in the cloud or data centre resulting in no confidential data being accessible if an iPad or Android is lost or stolen.

Secure Application Access Mobile is part of AEP Networks’ Secure Application Access range and supports a fully heterogeneous environment allowing users to access their critical applications from the iPad or Android regardless of whether they are running on a Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Terminal Services, VDI, Unix or web platform.

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