Facebook announces two-factor authentication

Facebook will be rolling out the two-factor authentication option which, once turned on, will ask users to insert a code when they try to log into the social network from a new device. No details were shared on when the option will be available to all or how it will look.

The news was announced by Facebook’s director of engineering Arturo Bejar on the company blog, along with the change that will make Facebook automatically switch the user’s session back to HTTPS after he or she is done using an application that doesn’t support it.

As you might remember, when Facebook offered the HTTPS option in January, it took only a few weeks for a glitch that automatically deselects the secure browsing option to be unearthed. Hopefully, this improvement will mark the end of those problems.

Although, judging by the comments under the post, there are many who still believe that the HTTPS option – which is still opt-in – should be set to default, even if it interferes with some of the things Facebook offers.

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