Sony suffers third breach, PSN still down

Sony’s troubles seem to have no end as the company confirms a third breach of their network and fails to set a date for the restoration of services.

This last breach resulted in a theft of names, partial addresses and three unconfirmed email addresses belonging to some 2,500 contestants that participated in a sweepstakes the company organized back in 2001. And to add insult to injury, the attackers published all that information on a Sony web server, reports Reuters.

Sony confirmed that they took down the website shortly after finding out about the posted information. The company keeps apologizing to the users for the breach and for the unavailability of the PlayStation Network.

Conscious that Nintendo and Microsoft are breathing down their necks and that Playstation users are becoming increasingly annoyed with the disruption in service, Sony has nonetheless decided to postpone the restoration of the playing network in order to make sure that once back online, it will stay so.

All I can say is that it’s a smart move. They can’t afford to seem lax again when it comes to security, especially now when it seems that they have become the favorite target of a variety of hackers.

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