FBI search for LulzSec hackers leads to Iowa woman

Government and law enforcement agencies’ efforts to discover who is behind the recently disbanded LulzSec have increased as Operation AntiSec still goes strong.

And while the arrested Essex youngster believed to be affiliated with the group has been released on bail but ordered to be at home during the night, to not leave the house without his mother and use any device that can be connected to the Internet, the FBI has raided the home of an Iowa woman in search for clues about the members of the hacker group.

Gawker reports that the raid was executed last week and that the woman – 29-year-old Laurelai Bailey – has been told by the agents that they weren’t looking to arrest her.

They interrogated her for five hours, and said that the investigation in question is tied to the February HBGary hack. She told them all she knew, but said that she was definitely not affiliated with them.

She said that she was present in the chat room in which the hackers chatted away during the unfolding of the HBGary hack and that she was able to be there because her involvement with Crowdleaks allowed her to get on the hackers’ good side.

She also said that that was all over now, since she made public the logs of those chats after the group harassed some of her friends.

The FBI left her house with her hard drives, camera and other computer equipment in tow. And while she wasn’t arrested and seems not to be a suspect in the investigation, her name was leaked online a couple of days ago in connection to LulzSec and she has since lost her tech support job.

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