NetSecL Linux 3.2 released

NetSecL is a hardened, live and installable operating system based on OpenSuse suitable for desktop/server and penetration testing.

Once installed you can fully enjoy the features of GrSecurity hardened kernel and penetration tools or use the penetration tools directly from your live DVD.

NetSecL 3.2 comes with a brand new XFCE which increased dramatically the performance experience. Many bugs were closed and most packages are OpenSuse 11.4 compatible.

Version 3.2 brings:

  • Ext4 issue with GrSecurity is resolved
  • Booting in VM with new GrSecurity resolved
  • New Metasploit
  • Firefox 5
  • Updated Exploit-db repository
  • GrSecurity Kernel – locked from zypper – you can update the whole system without worrying
  • Snort-inline reintegrated (get snort rules and change them to drop – if you use the advanced firewall)
  • Size of the ISO smaller with 200 MB this allowed us to have a sub project NetSecL Toolset a minimal VM with console, webshell and all pentesting tools.

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