Secure platform for connected mobile devices

AuthenTec introduced its new SafeZone secure platform solution for mobile and consumer systems on a chip (SoCs).

The SafeZone Secure Platform solution allows chip makers and device makers to realize the benefits of hardware-based protection without incurring significant cost to adapt software applications to exploit platform security.

SafeZone can be embedded in an SoC to safely protect the most important security assets stored within the device, including crypto keys for VPN and DRM security, biometric data and other sensitive cryptographic information.

This modular solution enforces user identity verification and prevents device cloning, unauthorized rollbacks to previous OSs, and any alteration to applications.

The recent and dramatic growth in high-profile attacks on commercial and government systems is driving interest in products offering improved security. SafeZone Secure Platform offers a cost-effective modular design that allows chip and device vendors to easily adopt different levels of security across their product lines while providing an evolution path to future security upgrades.

AuthenTec’s SafeZone Secure Platform consists of the SafeXcel-IP-123 Crypto Module, SafeXcel-IP-150 Public Key Accelerator, Secure Asset Store, Secure Boot, and SafeZone software. The SafeXcel-IP-123 Crypto Module provides a closed execution environment with a security boundary and hardware crypto engines.

SafeXcel-IP-150 Public Key Accelerator provides powerful modular mathematical operations required for Public Key algorithms such as RSA, DSA, and ECC. Secure Asset Store enables secure storage, usage and management of sensitive keys and assets, and Secure Boot ensures that only the software images from an authorized source are booted.

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