On-demand export compliance solution

Management Dynamics released Export On-Demand 1.2, its export compliance solution for small and medium-sized exporters. The new release provides for enhanced compliance screening and management of export licenses. Easily configured and deployed in a SaaS-based model, Export On-Demand can be implemented in a modular fashion without the cost and expense of an on-premise solution.

New features include the following:

Global license determination – Access regulatory control content for over 100 countries to determine whether licenses are required when exporting from those countries, including US re-export license determination.

Enhanced license management – Account for license usage by quantity and dollar value, and choose whether to auto-apply a license based on sophisticated rules that check the validity of the license.

Global embargo configuration – Configure new embargo screening options for specific compliance policies by country.

Warning word dictionary – Define keywords that will immediately cause a transaction to be put on hold for further investigation.

Retroactive list screening – When adding a new restricted party list, users may choose to screen all trade partners at once, or only new and updated partners against the added list.

Export On-Demand 1.2 helps companies to develop an Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP), and take advantage of new government programs such as the National Export Initiative (NEI) in the United States.

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