Android app for confidential messaging

VaporStream announced its Android application, available for free to users in the Android Market. The app allows VaporStream customers to communicate without fear of confidential dialogue and information being compromised after delivery using their Android-based smartphones and tablets.

VaporStream eliminates damaging information compromises and regulatory compliance infractions that can occur with email, instant and text messaging because its messages are never recorded.

VaporStream’s messages cannot be copy/cut/pasted, forwarded, printed or saved, preventing sensitive information from being viewed by unintended parties. The app utilizes TLS encryption during transit to protect against eavesdropping, with patented technology splitting the message header from the body to prevent meaningful end point screen grabs.

“When it comes to confidentiality, email and texting are risky, and recent news shows voice mail is under attack, all because messages cannot be controlled by the sender once they have been delivered,” said VaporStream co-founder and president, Joseph Collins, Jr. “We provide post-delivery control by ensuring that messages can only be read once before they disappear forever. This new Android app furthers our commitment to offering customers the conveniences of electronic communications with a level of privacy one has previously only been able to get through face-to-face conversation.”

VaporStream is a software-as-a-service solution designed to meet the confidentiality concerns of enterprises of all sizes, though it is also used by individuals.

It is particularly suited for professionals and companies involved in industries that must communicate highly sensitive information, such as law, healthcare, government, military intelligence and insurance.

The service enables individual users to send, receive and be notified of new messages on their computer desktop and a broad range of mobile devices through simple to install, tightly integrated clients.

A VaporStream Enterprise Server (VES) is also offered for large, company-wide deployments. The VES provides administrators with easy provisioning, enhanced management and additional control over message content that includes keyword filtering.

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