Third-party Firefox add-ons to be blocked automatically

Mozilla has decided to put a stop to the automatic installing of Firefox add-ons by third-party applications, as unwanted and disused add-ons can sometimes affect the browser’s stability, security and speed.

Starting from Firefox’ Aurora version – which is now in the pre-beta stage – every time users install a third-party app and it tries to install an add-on into Firefox as part of its own installation process, the browser will disable the add-on and ask users whether they want to keep it or not.

Also, once the users upgrade their browsers to the latest version, they will have the opportunity to review all the add-ons that are already installed and make the same decision:

“By default, all of the add-ons the user has installed from within Firefox will be kept, but add-ons installed by another application will be disabled unless the user chooses to keep them,” says Justin Scott, Product Manager for Add-ons at Mozilla.

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