One click away from digital disaster

61 percent of consumers click on links while online that take them to unexpected places, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks that can lead to identity theft, according to Trend Micro.

66percent reported that they would be financially susceptible if their computers were accessed without their permission, and 67 percent said they would be devastated if they lost everything on their computer and/or connected device.

“The online threat landscape is changing, and it is critical for consumers and their families to arm themselves against these threats that put their digital lives at risk,” said Carol Carpenter, executive general manager for the consumer business unit at Trend Micro.

The results of the survey highlight that many consumers are engaging in behaviors that leave them vulnerable online.

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated – not only are the security threats becoming more malicious and pervasive, they are also targeting consumers where they feel safe, such as on their mobile devices or talking to their friends on social networking sites. Trend Micro is seeing as many 300,000 threats in a single day.

The consumer survey also showed that concerns over antivirus software slowing their computer down, or using too much memory, were among the top reasons consumers chose not to use security software.

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