Photobucket app helps catch a thief

Photobucket’s mobile app has played an unexpected role in the catching of a purse-snatching thief in California.

The app, set to automatically upload the pictures taken by one of the alleged thief’s victim onto the Photobucket site, has done so with the picture that he made of himself while fiddling with the stolen smartphone.

The victim noticed the picture that popped-up in her Photobucket account. Aware that she didn’t take it and recognizing the snatcher from her earlier unfortunate encounter, she went to the police in order to provide them with the photo.

They showed the photo during a program on the local TV station, asking the public for tips on his identity and whereabouts, reports Computerworld.

He was identified very soon, as one Korey Heess, 26, of Salinas, California, and was arrested and tied to two other thefts. He is facing robbery and theft charges.


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