Protect data on shared information networks

Unisys announced its Stealth Solution for Secure Virtual Terminal (SSVT), a secure solution residing on a federal government-certified USB device to help ensure that a mobile user’s data is secure and readily available to those authorized to view it.

SSVT combines the power of Unisys Stealth Solution for Network with a customized, dedicated and portable device that allows a remote user to boot up and establish a “clean and secure session” linking to an enterprise network. The solution creates virtual “communities of interest,” groups that can share the same physical or virtual network without fear of another group accessing their data or workstations and servers.

The solution uses unique and advanced cryptography to secure data on shared networks. By assigning a cryptographic key to each community of interest, Stealth can “go dark” on the network and secure the endpoint so it cannot be detected by anyone other than those authorized as part of a community of interest.

SSVT allows mobile users to easily add and manage more secure end-points, isolating important sensitive data away from non-authorized users so that hackers are not able to access, manipulate or even see their information.

SSVT contains the SecureParser technology created by Security First Corporation, which cryptographically splits data (encrypts and “bit-splits” data, adds authentication and fault tolerant information) into multiple packets as it moves through the network and to storage devices, and then authenticates and reassembles the information packets for delivery exclusively to authorized users.

Earlier this year, the National Security Agency awarded the Unisys Stealth Solution for Network EAL-4+ certification as a secure solution for protection of data-in-motion across any network – private or public. The certification qualified Stealth to protect U.S. Defense Department data classified up to the “secret” level.

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