Secure hard drive replication for forensic analysis

Ciphertex Data Security announced its new Ranger-COP family (Ciphertex Optimized Protection), a compact pair of products that combine AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption with up to 15 Terabytes of capacity, designed with rugged portability for plug, play and simplified replication of computer system hard drives for full forensic review.

When law enforcement seizes a computer suspected of criminal activity, they need to conduct a full capture of the hard drive to check for fraudulent transactions, web site histories, evidence of hacking, changed and deleted files and pirated content. In addition, today’s forensic software can ascertain deleted or changed files and identify evidence of criminal activity, child pornography and evidence of sexual predators targeting minors.

The Ranger-COP easily plugs into any computer, works seamlessly with all leading forensic software applications and in any sort of physical environment to securely replicate the target hard drive(s) for subsequent forensic analysis.

Key features include:

  • AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Key-based encryption
  • Fast eSATA interface (300MB/sec)
  • Pluggable interface modules
  • Free NovaBACKUP software for automatic backup to the portable Ranger-COP.

“Ciphertex has worked closely with the law enforcement community to ascertain the features and functionality for secure storage solutions they need to more effectively capture and securely store data in order to properly conduct forensic investigations,” said Jerry Kaner, president and CEO of Ciphertex. “We believe the Ranger-COP’s combination of ease of use with military grade encryption and high capacity storage maintains the integrity of the replicated evidence to help convict cybercriminals of a broad range of computer crime.”

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