Cloud-based anti-phishing software platform

FraudSense announced a public demo featuring its proprietary real-time anti-phishing detection algorithms.

FraudSense identifies and disables fraudulent websites in real-time. It provides access to its real-time anti-phishing software platform through Web API without the need for client side deployment. Using Ccloud technologies, FraudSense enables integration and scalability and can work either alone or in conjunction with other security products and services.

Localized anti-phishing

FraudSense offers the option to customize phishing targets that it will detect (clients will be able to select and add new phishing targets). This allows clients such as Internet Service Providers and local security vendors to offer localized anti-phishing protection (e.g. protection from phishing attacks targeting local banks or spear phishing attacks).

Multiple interception points

There are several interception points in a typical phishing attack where the attack can be detected and stopped. FraudSense powered application and services will be able to intercept phishing attacks at multiple points immediately upon their launch.

True zero-day phishing detection

As FraudSense does not rely on community updated blacklists, but being purely algorithm based, FraudSense can identify fraudulent websites the moment they become active thus thwarting an attack during its first critical hours. The algorithm can detect web forgeries without relying on easily manipulated features such as language, page content or URL structure.

FraudSense for hosting

  • Hosting companies and businesses can utilize our API or the out-of-the-box software to scan servers for phishing content. Included: automatic reporting, blocking and notifying the domain and server admin to take proper actions.
  • Apache module to provide automatic rejection of requests to phishing content
  • Designed in mind to ensure no network/traffic performance issues
  • Free service will be available for personal webmasters and site owners.

FraudSense Web forgery detection platform

  • Software-as-a-Service – access is given via standard Web API
  • Aimed at third-party application and service providers (online content, software etc.) for boosting their anti-phishing capabilities.

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