Hijacked phishing page warns users about phishing

hen you follow security news daily like I do, it is tough to keep a positive outlook when day after day you hear and read of users falling for basically the same scams simply wrapped in a different package.

But every now and then, some individuals decide to fight back. A heartwarming instance of a foiled phishing scam has been brought to my attention and I would like to share it with you.

A user receives an email stating he has exceeded the storage limit on his mailbox and needs to “upgrade” his email. The offered link takes him to a page that would usually ask him to share his username, password and email address.

Only, someone’s had enough. He (or she) managed to change it and turn it into a teachable moment:

Also, a click on the “Submit Form” button takes the user to a CNet video explaining phishing scams.

“There’s no indication left as to how the person now in control of the site obtained the login credentials,” says Christopher Boyd. “Phishing the phisher, perhaps?”

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