Microsoft puts vulnerability exploitation into context

Recently Microsoft released the 11th volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, the most comprehensive version of this report to date.

In this podcast, Tim Rains, the Director of Product Management at Microsoft’s TWC group, talks about the over 800 pages of threat intelligence spanning 100 countries and regions. Tim discusses threat trends and data analysis on topics like malicious code, software vulnerabilities and unwanted software.

Listen to the podcast here.

Tim Rains is the Director of Product Management at Microsoft’s TWC group. Tim and his team of product managers support the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), and the Microsoft Security Engineering Center (MSEC) which includes the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and Security Science. Among other things, Tim’s team manages production of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

Tim has worked in several roles at Microsoft including the Senior Public Relations Manager of Security Response at Microsoft, Senior Product Manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, Program Manager of the Windows Network Diagnostics team, Technical Lead on the Security Incident Response team in the Product Support Services (PSS) Security team and Technical Lead on the PSS Windows Server Networking team.

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