A study of hacker forums

Recently Imperva released a report analyzing the content and activities of an online hacker forum with nearly 220,000 registered members.

In this podcast, Rob Rachwald, the Director of Security Strategy at Imperva talks about how this forum is used by hackers for training, communications, collaboration, recruitment, commerce and even social interaction. Commercially, this forum serves as a marketplace for selling of stolen data and attack software.

Rob illustrates how this report not only provides insight into hacker psychology, but also details the technical strategies they learn, develop and deploy.

Listen to the podcast here.

Rob Rachwald is the Director of Security Strategy at Imperva. Rob is a 12 year veteran in the IT industry and before his position at Imperva, he managed product marketing and communications for Fortify which was purchased by HP. Additionally, Rob has worked at Commerce One, Intel and Coverity.

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