Bitdefender prevents scams on Twitter

Bitdefender is adding a tool to its arsenal to prevent scams on Twitter. Safego has emerged successful from beta testing by Twitter users and will be incorporated into Bitdefender 2012 products.

Safego scans for and detects fake or hijacked profiles set up to flood Twitter accounts with spam and verify direct messages. It also filters users’ Timelines for tweets contain malicious links to phishing or malware pages.

Since its launch for Facebook in October, 2010, Safego has caught more than a million infected objects worldwide, helping users steer clear of threats on the social network.

“As a dynamic source of information, and a major platform for using shortened URLs, attackers find Twitter an extremely attractive arena for launching targeted attacks,” said George Petre, Bitdefender’s Senior Social Media Security Researcher.

“Social threats will remain a hot security issue for quite some time, and a security layer for social media security is essential in providing total security,” he added.

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