Secure remote access from SonicWALL

The proliferation of powerful smartphones and tablets poses a new problem for IT: providing secure remote access to network resources for a growing number of employees who use their own mobile devices for business purposes.

The SonicWALL E-Class SRA EX9000 running on the Aventail 10.6 architecture, SonicWALL enables IT organizations in large enterprises to provide remote access for devices running Windows and Windows Mobile, Mac OS and iOS, Android and Linux.

Leveraging the recently announced SonicWALL Mobile Connect client app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and existing Aventail Connect client for Android smartphones and tablets provides both IT managed and employee owned devices SSL-encrypted access to network resources.

The Aventail E-Class SRA conducts comprehensive interrogation and proactive remediation, establishing trust before access is granted to user devices running Windows, Mac or Linux OS’s.

Using end-point control and strong authentication, the solution determines the identity of the user, the security posture of the device and allows the appropriate level of access to network resources including shared folders and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), client-server applications, intranet sites and email.

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