Syncplicity launches Security and Compliance Console

With Syncplicity, users get their own secure Virtual Private Cloud where they use the applications, files and folders they are used to.

With the File changes, no matter where they happen, are automatically synced across all their computers, available in cloud and on-premise applications, accessible on their mobile devices, backed up with version control, and easily shareable with colleagues.

The Security and Compliance Console which gives companies:

  • Centralized control over which devices – either computers or mobile – inside or outside the company may be used to access, sync and share files and folders, along with tracking of the sync and sharing of corporate data for compliance purposes
  • Easy enforcement of data retention policies, enabling shared files and folders to be automatically and permanently deleted from user devices when that information is un-shared with a user, whether they are an employee, contractor or anyone outside of the company
  • The ability to remote wipe any user’s account, their individual computers or mobile devices of all corporate data managed under Syncplicity associated with a user or particular device, in the event a device is lost, an employee is terminated, a contractor is finished with their assignment, or for any other information compliance reason
  • Scalable enterprise-wide deployment with optional 2-factor authentication and single-sign on. The Syncplicity Security and Compliance Console enables native support for single sign-on (SSO) against any SAML or OpenID based federated identity provider to enable use of existing credentials such as Active Directory/LDAP, Google Apps, and OneLogin.

Now, businesses of all sizes can deploy cloud-based file sync, mobile access, sharing and back up that gives users access to all the files they need while giving IT administrators the centralized tools they require to protect corporate assets and dramatically reduce infrastructure and support costs.

The Syncplicity Security and Compliance Console is available immediately and is included in the cost of a Syncplicity Business Edition Account. Syncplicity Business Edition starts at $45/month for three users and can be scaled to meet the need of any size business, supporting unlimited users, storage, files, folders, and any file size.

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