Exostar updates identity management solution

Exostar, whose cloud-based solutions enable secure business-to-business collaboration, announced it has expanded its Managed Access Gateway (MAG) identity management service offering to accept one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens.

MAG uses the Exostar-issued OTP hardware tokens, as well as other forms of credentials such as basic level of assurance and medium level of assurance public-key infrastructure certificates and common access cards, to control access to Exostar and other service provider applications connected to the Exostar Identity Hub.

“Our OTP hardware tokens are highly secure because we control 100 percent of the process, from programming and initialization to worldwide shipping and distribution,” said Vijay Takanti, Exostar’s Vice President of Security and Collaboration Solutions.

“Not only is our OTP policy subject to an annual third-party audit, but no individual’s OTP hardware token will be accepted by MAG until explicit approval for activation has been provided by a company’s organization administrator who possesses an equivalent or stronger credential,” he added.

Typically, OTPs are used within a single enterprise. Exostar’s OTP hardware tokens can be purchased and used by anyone in the Exostar community – currently comprised of over 70,000 companies and nearly 200,000 users – to gain secure access to all applications in the community to which they have been granted permission.

The Boeing Company (Boeing) has selected MAG’s new OTP capability as the foundation of its “One ID” Supplier Identity Management program. The Boeing One ID program uses a two-factor authentication requirement that will employ Exostar’s OTP hardware tokens to authenticate access to approximately 10,000 supplier organizations and 50,000 individuals serving all divisions across the Boeing enterprise. The transition to the Exostar OTP hardware tokens will be completed during the 2012 calendar year.


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