Forensic email data analysis tool

DIGITS, a firm specializing in computer forensics and digital investigations, released Evidence Analyzer: Email Edition, which is designed to radically streamline the process of examining large quantities of email data.

This tool takes the guesswork out of email data analysis. Leveraging the power of features such as full content access, “blind” date filtering, non-restrictive tagging, de-duplication based on common data with user definable confidence levels, and full text indexing of message content and most common types of attachments it puts tremendous processing power in a small package.

All of this is combined into a unified user interface that works along with the work-flow of the user, rather than as a separate tool to be specifically learned. If a user is familiar with an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Evidence Analyzer: Email Edition will feel familiar.

“So much of our work consists of managing the tremendous amounts of data we receive in the form of email, it only made sense that the first product we would release to the public would try to lessen this workload. Examiners, attorneys, and even corporate managers have never had an easy tool at their disposal to review this type of content without spending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. By taking our years of experience and combining our knowledge, I believe DIGITS has released a product that can be used by almost anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, training, or budget.” Said Michael McCartney, DIGITS President and CEO.

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