Smart network cloud application platform

NETGEAR announced its Smart Network Cloud Application Platform, a new technology platform that enables consumers to purchase and download apps from the cloud for their home network to optimize and personalize their connected home.

Enabled exclusively through NETGEAR’s latest routers, ReadyNAS storage devices, media players and future products, the network enables enhanced capabilities and management of practically any connected device. The Smart Network Cloud Application Platform also provides a platform for innovative new applications to exist in the cloud and be readily downloaded by consumers – allowing users to customize their network capabilities and manageability to match their particular lifestyle and needs.

The Smart Network Cloud Application Platform allows consumers to download apps from a variety of categories. These downloaded apps will enable a nearly infinite number of capabilities, controls and applications for these connected NETGEAR home network devices, including media, gaming, security, energy conservation, and more.

Consumers can use apps to do everything from managing smart home devices, such as WiFi thermostats, for increased energy efficiency, to ensuring priority and performance for streaming media entertainment.

Other apps will greatly enhance personal productivity tasks, such as enabling simple print sharing and cloud printing capabilities for tablets or sharing pictures and home videos with friends and family on social networks without having to upload any files to public web sites.

Smart Network Apps can be developed by anyone, from an independent programmer to a game developer, home appliance company, major utility company and more. For example, an independent programmer can develop a simple data usage meter app that alerts consumers when they near their data cap.

Utility companies can provide applications that allow users to more closely monitor, and even lower, their energy usage.

Game developers can provide network optimizers that ensure higher network priorities for their particular high-bandwidth game. Internet service providers could even create applications that allow simple sharing of user-generated content without the need to upload any content files to public web sites.

NETGEAR’s AppManager is a dashboard that enables consumers to select and use downloadable apps from a convenient cloud operated by NETGEAR. The AppManager dashboard offers a variety of apps built by NETGEAR as well as third party vendors, with more apps being added all the time. Users can interact with the apps directly from the dashboard, giving them a simple overview of their connected devices. From the NETGEAR Smart Network Application Cloud, consumers can easily download and install new apps to fit their needs.

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