Highly secure cloud-based collaboration

Exostar announced ForumPass 5, a multi-enterprise project collaboration service offering built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. It operates within Exostar’s Community Cloud, a connect-once environment.

Enhanced security features in ForumPass 5 include:

More Credentialing Options – ForumPass 5 supports additional types of credentials for two-factor authentication, including hardware tokens to support the medium hardware level of assurance using public key infrastructure certificates.

Claims-Aware Application – ForumPass 5 accepts incoming attributes-based claims associated with individuals and leverages those claims to determine access control rules and permissions to project sites and information – improving security, adding flexibility, and reducing administrative burden.

Stronger Encryption – Previous versions of ForumPass offered encryption for documents at-rest only at the highest tiers of security. With ForumPass 5, all documents are encrypted at-rest, regardless of the security tier selected for the project.

Data Protection beyond ForumPass – ForumPass 5 was designed with Digital Rights Management (DRM) in mind, paving the way for customers to request a DRM service option to be applied to all of their documents.

ForumPass 5 improves the user experience thanks to new capabilities such as:

Microsoft Office Integration – ForumPass 5’s desktop integration means users now can access and edit documents directly from the desktop, rather than downloading and working locally.

Microsoft Outlook Integration – With ForumPass 5, Outlook and ForumPass calendars can be integrated, allowing users to view all of their commitments from a single location and streamlining the scheduling process.

Enterprise Customization – ForumPass 5 empowers customer site administrators to tailor user interface design, forms, and workflow processes to best reflect their operating environments via integrations with SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and Visio.

More Powerful Search – Metadata management and content tagging in ForumPass 5 expand what content is searchable and search filtering options. A new refinement panel helps narrow search results so users can find the right information faster.

Social Networking Business Tools – ForumPass 5 includes features that encourage social networking interaction for enhanced business productivity, including people search, expertise tracking, community affiliation, and content ratings/tagging.


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