Fake Tumblr Staff Blog offers still targeting users

A week ago, compromised Tumblr accounts were sporting fake messages from a “Tumblr Staff Blog” offering Starbucks gift cards in return for completing surveys and sharing personal data.

The scheme must have been successful enough to make the scammers continue their onslaught, but this time with a different lure: two free Southwest Airlines tickets.

The message urges users to reblog the post with the fake offer, and to refer friends to complete “two reward offers from each of the silver and gold page options and nine reward offers from the platinum reward page”:

A closer look at the Terms and Requirements text reveals that “completion of reward offers most often requires a purchase or filling a credit card application and being accepted for a financial product such as a credit card or consumer loan” and that your information will be shared with their marketing partners – a good reminder that nothing good is ever given out free of charge.

Once again, GFI advises Tumblr users to be careful not to get tricked into sharing their login credentials by fake “adult verification” pop-up windows, and if they already have, to gain control over their accounts and clean up their account of these misleading offers.

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