Romanian hacker TinKode allegedly arrested

A 20-year old Romanian believed to be “TinKode”, the infamous hacker that has breached the systems and defaced the pages of several government organizations, has been apprehended by the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) on Tuesday.

The arrested IT student, Razvan Cernaianu Manole of Timisoara, stands accused of compromising NASA’s web server, attacking, breaching and stealing information from multiple servers belonging to the US Department of Defense, publishing information about the vulnerabilities he misused and a video of him executing attacks against US government websites, and developing a hacking program and offering it for sale on his blog – all things that TinKode has done.

According to the press release (via Google Translate), DIICOT’s investigation was aided by the FBI and NASA.

High profile breaches executed by TinKode also include the hack of the British Royal Navy’s website, the website and FTP servers of the European Space Agency, and the compromise of servers and databases – all followed by a publication of stolen information such as login and admin credentials.

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