Top reasons for IT layoffs in 2011

Based on the data obtained with the help of a data leakage control system, and an in-depth analysis of work time usage by staff, the specialists of Falcongaze analytical department conducted a large-scale survey into the most common reasons of office employee dismissal in Europe in 2011.

Inappropriate use of work time and Internet connection turned out to be one of the most compelling reasons for dismissal (26%). Indeed, a lot of inappropriate stuff is happening at the workplaces, you name it – visiting entertainment sites and newsgroups, lengthy chats in instant messengers, watching videos and what not. And this is just minor misconduct. Many people contrive to watch obscene movies, or play online games consuming gigabytes of corporate traffic.

Here is another one: it appears that 19% of employees do not deny themselves a pleasure of ripping out a couple of caustic remarks about the company or the management. Hence the next common reason for dismissal: discussion of the company or its management team on the Internet. In other words, employees should think well before making a quip about CEO’s relations with a new young accountant.

Third position in this list belongs to violation of internal corporate regulations (16%). Violation of statutes, internal rules governing the company’s operations, often leads to deterioration of the atmosphere in the team and reduce their performance.

The next reason is search for a new job (15%). Fair enough, you can lose your job while you are looking for a new one. Obviously, discussion of new employment options, mailing CVs, visiting job search sites can take a considerable share of the working time, besides, employees planning to leave tend to grab “souvenirs”, such as important documents or contact databases.

Yet another reason for dismissal is irresponsible handling of confidential data (11%). An employee could mistype an email address, or lose a USB flash drive containing important data. As a rule, this situation occurs without a person’s evil intent, but still, this does not mitigate the associated risks for the company.

And here is the reverse of the same coin: industrial espionage in favor of competitors (8%). In every company there is certain information which, if disclosed, can incur direct losses. And, unfortunately, sometimes there are dishonest employees in a company, who are willing to line their pockets using such confidential data.

The last position in the ranking compiled is occupied by a problem which is being fought with mercilessly on an international level, namely, corruption, kickbacks and bribery. About 5% of corporate staff lost their jobs for this reason.

All of the above is surely strong reasoning for discharging an offending employee. And though we all know what all work and no play does to poor Jack, in today’s economic situation Jack should better keep his nose to the grindstone while at work.

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