Web app security scanner Netsparker 2.1 released

Netsparker can crawl, attack and identify vulnerabilities in all custom web applications regardless of the platform and the technology it’s built on, just like an actual attacker.

It can identify web application vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS, remote code execution and many more.

Among its many new features and enhancements, Netsparker 2.1 offers:

  • All-new form authentication capabilities, designed to support even the most complex scenarios, like single sign-on, 2-factor and multi-step authentication and CAPTCHA.
  • A new summary dashboard offering real-time control and feedback about the active scan.
  • Comparison reporting, which charts the evolution of security status over time.
  • User extensibility, via a powerful scripting API.
  • Extended test coverage, via a number of new or improved vulnerability checks, as well as new injection points and expansion of Netsparker’s built-in vulnerability database.
  • New and improved productivity tools.
  • Numerous bug fixes and some fundamental architecture changes that improve stability.

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