Novell integrates Mac device management

Novell announced the availability ZENworks 11 Support Pack 2 which includes integrated device management for Mac, and introduces a new product offering with ZENworks Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and two new suites.

ZENworks 11 Support Pack 2 continually adjusts security settings contingent on location and the role of the user. When an issue arises in one department of an organization, this solution allows IT to manage and protect the organization from security risks without disrupting the workflow of other employees.

Major new features include:

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption: Greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Full Disk Encryption, including centralized key management and support for both hardware-based and software-based Full Disk Encryption options.

Integrated Mac device management: Allows customers to take control of Mac devices, using the same familiar tools used today for their Windows and Linux environments; includes remote control, automated software deployment and patching, and asset management capabilities for Mac devices.

Novell Endpoint Protection Suite: A security-focused companion suite to the existing Novell Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite, this new suite includes ZENworks Full Disk Encryption and the award-winning ZENworks Endpoint Security Management products, with an optional ZENworks Patch Management subscription – all at a discount on MSRP.

Novell Total Endpoint Management Suite: A comprehensive suite that helps the enterprise seamlessly manage workforce productivity and security from a common set of tools; this suite combines the Novell Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite and the Novell Endpoint Protection Suite into a single-purchase offering.

Novell ZENworks 11 Support Pack 2 will be available in March 2012. ZENworks Full Disk Encryption will be available for $55 per seat/user. For a limited time only, the Novell Endpoint Protection Suite, which includes FDE and Novell Endpoint Security Management, is being offered for the same price as Full Disk Encryption.

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