Federated identity solution based on virtualization

Radiant Logic announced the release of RadiantOne 6.0, a complete on-premises federated identity service based on identity virtualization.

Featuring a dynamic set of tools including identity remapping, aggregation, correlation, and synchronization, the suite includes the advanced virtual directory of VDS+, the Cloud Federation Service (CFS) to connect identities with the cloud, and an identity correlation and synchronization engine.

The suite is designed to address the fast-growing security demands of authenticating and authorizing a diverse user base—including internal, external, mobile users—across multiple security protocols, identity stores, and usage patterns.

Infrastructure complexity has continued to build with the adoption of more clouds-based and federated applications. To address this challenge, RadiantOne acts as a common identity hub, helping to simplify identity management and rationalizing the architecture through virtualization.

RadiantOne accesses identities stored in Active Directory, LDAP directories, SQL and web services, and then securely delivers information into tokens for web or cloud-based authentication and attributes synchronization.

As enterprises increasingly strive to take advantage of cloud-based applications and resources, Radiant Logic releases the Cloud Federation Service (CFS) as a component of the federated identity service. Together with VDS+, CFS enables cloud applications to authenticate users against the authoritative sources within the organization, supporting SSO across both enterprise and cloud applications.

RadiantOne VDS+ virtualizes the authentication, validating the user against a variety of sources—including multiple Active Directory domains and forests, LDAP, databases, and web services—then CFS acts as a secure token service, (STS), gathering the requested attributes and building an encrypted claim in the form that the application understands. CFS can securely deliver claims to many of today’s mission-critical applications, including WebEx, Sharepoint 2010, Google apps, and Salesforce.

RSA has also entered into an agreement to offer Radiant Logic’s VDS+ identity virtualization engine as part of RSA’s Identity and Access Management solutions.

“Our customers keep telling us about the huge security challenges they face in a fast evolving IT environment. On one side, their user base is more and more complicated with, internal, external, and mobile users, while on the other side, SSO, authentication and authorization have to bridge a sea of security protocols, across various security domains, identity stores and application resources,” says Michel Prompt, CEO of Radiant Logic. “That’s why we’ve evolved the concept of a virtual directory into a complete federated identity service, abstracting and delivering many services in one logical, manageable and auditable place. We believe that building a flexible and highly scalable infrastructure is not just about having the right tools at your disposal—it’s also about establishing and using a process to mobilize the tools effectively. That’s why our new release features process wizards to guide you in building a solid and scalable federated identity infrastructure.”

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