“Google Pharmacy” spam hitting inboxes

Google’s name and reputation is once again being misused by spammers trying to trick users into believing that what they are selling is endorsed or approved by the Internet giant.

In the last few days, many users have been receiving the following email:

“The supposed sender is obviously fake, seeing that it used an @irs.com domain,” says GFI. “The link cannot be clicked since the entire message body is an image. Spammers designed this spam to bypass normal filters that normally just track texts/URLs within email messages.”

That the link cannot be followed by clicking on it is the only saving grace for those users who simply can’t be bothered with typing the URL into their browser’s address bar.

For the rest of them, it’s bad news all around – they land on a Canadian fake pharma site hosted in China, which will sell them bogus pharmaceuticals and likely steal money and information.

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