On-demand cloud identity management

Ping Identity unveiled PingOne, a multiplexed identity switch in the cloud. One connection to PingOne provides businesses the convenience of Tier 1 Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all of their cloud applications and gives IT one place to centralize control and automate identity management.

One connection to PingOne equips cloud application providers to offer Tier 1 SSO to all of their customers. For security conscious businesses, Tier 1 requires exclusively standards-based, federated SSO protocols such as SAML, OAuth, and OpenID with zero tolerance for storing passwords or managing duplicate end-user accounts in the Cloud.

With one connection, PingOne allows IT to securely manage access to all cloud applications in a central user directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory. This eliminates all but one secure set of employee credentials. Similarly, application providers can use one simple REST API process to enable secure, standards-based SSO in less than 30 minutes.

“Enterprises asked us for a better way to connect their workforce to the Cloud,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity. “PingOne is the answer. It can be set up in hours and is completely self-service. The service doesn’t replicate Active Directory and it doesn’t store passwords. It’s 100 percent based on open standards, which is the most secure way to do identity in the Cloud.”

For PingFederate customers, PingOne is designed to extend that trusted federated identity architecture into the Cloud. One connection from PingFederate to PingOne enables a multiplexed connection to applications and business partners faster and more easily than ever before. Together, as part of Ping Identity’s simple, proven, and secure platform for cloud identity management, they address the broadest set of identity security needs.

From consumers and business customers to partners and employees, PingFederate and PingOne integrate with more than 30 different on-premise identity technologies using industry standard protocols in the private, public, or hybrid format that suits the business best.

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