Open source audit plug-in for MySQL

McAfee announced a free open source audit plug-in for MySQL database users to capture complete detailed activity audits from their databases.

The plug-in was created and developed by McAfee as part of a new set of features for its award-winning database security solution.

The McAfee approach to database security circumvents the major challenges that prevent most organizations from properly protecting their databases, by offering features such as:

Complete visibility into database vulnerabilities: insight into the security posture of each and every database in the environment.

Non-intrusive, real-time protection across all threat vectors: the solution is non-intrusive and requires no changes to the existing database and network architecture while offering reliable protection for databases from malicious or unauthorized activity across all threat vectors.

Compliance without downtime: through McAfee virtual patching for databases, security updates can be made without the business disruption of taking critical applications offline.

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