Securing mobile apps in the enterprise

The mobile app has become the endpoint. With the advent of consumerization and BYOD, the number of managed devices began shrinking and that of unmanaged devices continues to rise.

Consequently, device-level protection techniques have slowly given way to new technologies that focus on protecting the apps themselves and the enterprise data they hold.

In this podcast recorded at the Amphion Forum in Munich, Mike Siegel, Mocana’s VP of Products, talks about the challenges of securing mobile apps in the enterprise.

He explains how three popular techniques for addressing the issue of mobile application security work, and why Mocana chose to develop a new one that allows enterprise IT to “wrap” new layers of security into Android or iPhone apps.

Listen to the podcast here.

Mike Siegel is responsible for new product definition, direction and strategy for Mocana. A veteran of the technology and IT security industry, Mr. Siegel is widely considered an expert in device and data protection, and helped formulate McAfee’s business strategy through four significant technology acquisitions.

Mike played a leading role in defining McAfee’s business and product strategy in the mobile device and smartphone security arena, resulting in the acquisition of privately-held Trust Digital. Prior to that, Mike also oversaw the entire McAfee Data Protection product line and was responsible for global product management and strategy.

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