Cloud Security Alliance announces EMEA congress

Building on the success of the Cloud Security Alliance Congresses held in the USA, the inaugural CSA EMEA Congress (Amsterdam, 25-26 September 2012) will provide practical solutions for managing the transition to the cloud, and implementing security as a key component, rather than an afterthought, of this transition.

It will provide insight into models and architectures, the controls and real “nuts and bolts’ of what must be done to secure cloud computing.

The keynote sessions will look at cloud computing: Security, Reliability, Compliance and Evolution from four different perspectives. Delegates will hear the views of a European policy maker, a national government representative, a cloud user and a cloud provider.

In addition to offering best practices and practical solutions for remaining secure in the cloud, the Congress will focus on emerging areas of growth and concern in EMEA cloud security, including EU data privacy challenges, cloud forensics, the impact of mobile and smart devices and incident management.

The congress will have a special focus on the legal and policy aspects of cloud computing security, with a specific stream dedicated to these issues.

Attendees will gain exposure to industry-specific case studies that will help them learn and leverage best practices used by their peers in moving to a secure cloud.

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