Cyber Security Policy Guidebook

Drawing upon a wealth of experience from academia, industry, and government service, Cyber Security Policy Guidebook details and dissects, in simple language, current organizational cyber security policy issues on a global scale – taking great care to educate readers on the history and current approaches to the security of cyberspace.

It includes thorough descriptions—as well as the pros and cons – of a plethora of issues, and documents policy alternatives for the sake of clarity with respect to policy alone.

The guidebook also delves into organizational implementation issues, and equips readers with descriptions of the positive and negative impact of specific policy choices.

Inside are detailed chapters that:

  • Explain what is meant by cyber security and cyber security policy
  • Discuss the process by which cyber security policy goals are set
  • Educate the reader on decision-making processes related to cyber security
  • Describe a new framework and taxonomy for explaining cyber security policy issues
  • Show how the U.S. government is dealing with cyber security policy issues.

With a glossary that puts cyber security language in layman’s terms – and diagrams that help explain complex topics, this book gives students, scholars, and technical decision-makers the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions on cyber security policy.

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