HTML5 browser-based, certificateless encryption platform

CertiVox launched the PrivateSky, a service that provides protection for messages, files and other information sent via the cloud through a two-factor authentication process and a certificateless encryption platform.

This encryption process is simply activated from within Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is a one click solution where both encryption and decryption are securely completed with no disruption to a user’s workflow.

“We are incredibly proud to be introducing PrivateSky, our Secure Information Exchange platform today”, said Brian Spector, CEO, CertiVox. “Until now security has been a hard and complicated process for the user. With PrivateSky we have developed the simplest, most powerful encrypted messaging and secured file transfer service on the web, setting it apart from all other Internet security products available today”.

“In just one click, PrivateSky brings integrated browser-based two-factor authentication from its SkyPin product together with the end-to-end encryption capabilities of its certificateless SkyKey service. The result is a complete breakthrough in information security and usability. Now, everyone can protect and send their sensitive information encrypted through the cloud. This release signifies the major steps CertiVox is taking to make securing managed file transfer and encrypted messaging easy and affordable and our commitment to protect the user privacy”

PrivateSky is available in two editions; Free and Professional. The Free edition allows you to send and receive encrypted messages and encrypted files. The Professional edition will do the same but additionally allows the sender to encrypt attached files up to 10MB in size with a total file capacity of 5GB.

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