Facebook unveils new mobile security measures

Facebook has introduced three security updates for protecting its mobile users: a code generator, the ability to report unwanted content on your phone, and improved mobile recovery flows.

The code generator should make it easier to confirm logins made on new devices, as users will be able to receive Login Approval codes through their Facebook Application and via SMS, so it will work regardless of whether the users have cellular or Internet access.

“If you have an Android device, go to http://on.fb.me/LoginApprovals and follow the instructions there to set up Code Generator. Once you have finished, you can simply navigate to Code Generator within the Facebook for Android app to receive the security code needed to complete a login from a new device. For your security, this code will refresh every 30 seconds,” the Facebook Security team explained.

So far, the functionality is only available to Android users, but it should be soon available to all the others.

The second update makes it possible to hide or report any inappropriate or unwanted content from Facebook’s mobile site – something that was, until now, possible only on the regular one.

The third one concerns the ability to lock down your account or reset your password by using your phone – very helpful if you detect that your account has been compromised, but you don’t have access to a desktop computer.

“We’ve even extended our social authentication tool to work on your phone to give you even more ways to get back into your account,” the team pointed out.

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